Gary Hoffman

Gary Hoffman, cellist
Prof. at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel


"Erik Buys is an outstanding cello luthier, I have seen and played two of his recent instruments and he most definitely has a feel for the basic character and requirements of our instrument of choice. I can wholeheartedly recommend his instruments as a most viable solution is the quest of a cello combining aesthetic and acoustical beauty as well as satisfying playing qualities."

Mincho Minchev,
Soloïst Sofia Philharmonic,
Prof. Folkwang University


"I am strongly suprised by the intelligence of Erik Buys' work. I consider him as one of the most advanced violinmakers today.""

Jeroen Reuling,
Prof. Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel


"I have known several of the cellos built by Erik Buys in the last years. He is an excellent violinmaker and his instruments excel in sound quality. Several of my students have bought his instruments since and hopefully more will follow"

Roel Dieltiens

Roel Dieltiens,cellist
Prof. Zürcher Hochschule der Künste,
Ensemble Explorations


"What I like about Erik's instruments, is the generous sound, their immediate response and clear timbre.
When you are faced with a various repertoire it is important that your instrument combines these characteristics..."

Sarah Dupriez

Sarah Dupriez,
Ens. Conservatoire Royale de Bruxelles


"Une révélation que d'essayer le violoncelle d'Erik Buys; je lui ai trouvé toutes les qualités : puissant, sonore, profond, raffiné, très égal et charmant à la vue en plus de cela. Bravo !"


Guido de Neve

Guido De Neve,
Doc. Royal Conservatory Antwerp,
Trio Ysaÿe


"Erik's violin suprises me: it combines a very warm G -string with a clear, brilliant E. This quality is striking as it matches at the same time a homogenous sound on the four strings.   Moreover, this instrument demonstrates an extraordinary craftsmanship.

I loved playing on it! "



Robert Szreder

Robert Szreder,,
Violist and pedagogue

"I had a great pleasure to meet Erik Buys and to listen and to play on two violins built by him.Both instruments sounds very well ands one of them was really very special. The instrument sounds warm,strong,healthy and very even on all four strings not only on my class room but also - what is the most important - by performing with the orchestra of Tchaikovsky pieces in the concert hall by one of my talented student Aleksandra Stadniczenko. The instrument is very easy to play - the soloist got it just two days before the concert! My compliments and best wishes for the successful future!"



Alain Gervreau,
Prof. Conservatoire
de Bruxelles et Toulouse


"Erik est une personne en qui j'ai confiance dans les recherches et la construction des beaux instruments au service des violoncellistes qui aiment jouer sur cordes en boyaux, du répertoire baroque jusqu'au répertoire romantique"